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Things that make me ME.

December 4, 2010

I have quirks. Everyone has them. They are what make up the people that we are. Here are some of mine.

1. I love magazines. I get ridiculously excited when I open up my mailbox and see a new magazine. It is hard for me to go grocery shopping and not come home with a magazine. It is a ridiculous habit, but I can’t help it.

2. When I am running, I always absolutely hate it for the first half mile or so until I hit my stride. Then I love it. I just have to power through the hate to get to the love.

3. I am a sock snob (Old Navy), toilet paper snob (Charmin), music snob (real CD’s over digital downloads), and have many other snobbish tendencies.

4. Speaking of…I am a book snob. I prefer real books over kindle, nook, or any other tablet version of a book. Also, all books in my collection by the same author/same series should be the same…either hardback or paperback.

5. I can be very OCD about certain things and could care less about others.

6. I like sports more than the average girl, and would rather spend a day watching Oklahoma State basketball or football than doing almost anything else.

7. I have a new obsession with tackling lists. I am reading books from Modern Libraries top 100 novels and am watching movies from AFI’s 100 Years…100 Passions. From 100 to 1, in order, of course.

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