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Because I love lists.

December 31, 2010

I saw this on someone else’s blog and thought I’d snatch it and add it to mine. It seems like a fitting post to end this year.

10 for 2010 and 11 for 2011

10 for 2010

1. I ran the Tulsa Run (15k)

2. I graduated from Graduate School with my Master’s Degree

3. I moved into my first non-college apartment

4. I joined a new church

5. I ran the Route 66 Quarter Marathon

6. My OSU Cowboys had an 11 win football season!

7. I inched closer to my weight loss goal.

8. I saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

9. I made some new friends.

10. I went on my first blind date.

11 for 2011

1. Run a half-marathon

2. Reach my weight loss goal/ become a lifetime Weight Watchers member

3. Pay off my credit cards

4. Go on a fun vacation

5. Find a new job

6. Go on another blind date (why not?)

7. Make my way through the Modern Library’s 100 Greatest Novel’s list

8. Be a better daughter, sister, grandaughter, cousin, friend, etc.

9. Learn to do something crafty

10. Get a dog.

11. Blog regularly.

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