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Up in the morning, I’ll be your coffee cup, if you drink me down, I will fill you up again

February 9, 2011

Do you ever feel like you are so close to something, yet still so far away?

I finally feel like I have a realy grip on what I want out of a relationship, yet I am left to just wait until that right person comes along. Life is funny like that,  I guess. I can’t wish into existence the perfect guy. I have to be patient and put my faith and trust in God for Him to bring that person to me.

After the Tulsa Run, I was so sure I would be doing the OKC Half Marathon in May and then a few weeks later I hurt my leg. Over 2 months later, an urgent care visit, visits to the orthopedist, x-rays, bone scans, and finally Physical Therapy, I may be able to run again soon. I won’t, however, be able to get my distance up enough to do the Half by May. I guess that means I will enjoy the spring 5K and 10K season and find a Half at some other time.

I finally graduated with my Master’s degree and decided I want to move on from teaching. That being said, I am not guaranteed to find a job. And even if I do, I am committed to finishing out this school year, so I have a few more months here in limbo.

Life is funny like that.

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