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April 22, 2011

This Saturday I’m running the OSU Osteopathic Scrub Run 5K. This was one of my favorite runs last year. It runs through downtown Tulsa from the OSU Center for Osteopathic Medicine. My hope is to break 30 minutes. My best time was just under 30 minutes before I hurt my leg. The last run I did, 2 weeks ago, I was just over 30 minutes. On one of my workouts this week, I broke 30 minutes, so here’s crossing my fingers that I can do it.

I got a haircut yesterday. My hair never quite turns out how the pictures look. Oh the joys of having curly hair. I do like it though. If I get around to it, I’ll post a picture later…I’m not making any promises.

Going to watch Scream 4 this weekend. Get excited! Back when I was in school (middle school…high school?), my friends and I would have “scary movie” nights and get together and watch the Scream movies and the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies. Scream 4 should bring back some memories if nothing else.

Off to work…18 lovely kiddos to keep me busy today.

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