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Where you gonna reach when the goal gets higher?

April 25, 2011

Next weekend my roommate and my cousin will be running the Oklahoma City Memorial Half-Marathon. Last fall, while in the process of training for the Tulsa Run, I made plans for this run. I planned to taper my training after the Tulsa Run and then pick it back up early in the spring so that I would be prepared for my longest distance so far. I am a planner. I had a plan. Sometimes life throws unexpected things at me that affect my plans, however. Things like a knee injury that stops my running for several months. I had to accept that I would not be running the Half Marathon. What I wasn’t completely prepared for were the feelings of jealousy as the people around me prepared for the run, however. I have been battling that for the past few months. While I am grateful that I am finally back to 5k distance, it is hard to realize I am only at 5k distance. This past weekend at the run I was doing, I heard several people talking about their plans for the Half-Marathon and I stood at the finish line and watched several people finish the 10k and I was really really jealous. It took a little while for me to realize that I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and do what I do best…plan. I had already done some thinking about doing the Route 66 Half Marathon in November, but I made my final decision that I will be training for it as my first Half Marathon (as long as I stay injury free). I looked at the training plan that my roommate has been using and have marked the day on my calendar that I will start training for it (the day after my birthday). Until then, I will keep working on my 5k and rolling out my ITB to prevent injury. It will be okay. I have a plan.

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  1. April 27, 2011 4:00 pm

    Everything happens for a reason. The great thing is there is always another race to sign up for. I have had to battle so many injuries and each time I had to come to terms with the fact that maybe it happened for a reason. Before my first half marathon I battled ankle tendonitis and was sure I wouldn’t be able to run. But, it went away after rest and I did it. It made me realize that I was putting too much pressure on myself and over-training. It allowed me to take a step back, rest, and get stronger. Running a 5K distance is difficult. There are so many people who would give anything to run that far. I remember being at my second 5K and some women were next to us (they were running the 10K) and one of the women said, “Who runs 5K’s anyway? That’s such a short run.” I remember I was so pissed. I wasn’t even thinking about running a 10K then because I thought I couldn’t. 3 half marathons later I am still pissed that woman said that. I am sorry but to me 5K’s are still hard if you put evertyhing into them. Anything over a mile takes a lot of guts. The fact of the matter is you are a runner and you should be super proud of that. You will run your half marathon and you will remember everything it took to get you there and that, well, that will make it all the more special. It’s the adversity we overcome that makes reaching your goals worth it. Keep it up. If it were easy everyone would do it! 🙂

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