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While we’re young and beautiful, living free and easy, here without a worry, dancing in our bare feet

May 21, 2011

How Not Running a Race can Almost be as Inspiring as Running a Race

This morning was a typical spring Saturday. As it normally goes, I woke up entirely too early and ran in a 5k. This run was the Oklahoma Aquarium run. Along with the 5k, they offer a Half Marathon, which my roommate participated in.

It wasn’t my best run. My time wasn’t terrible (Around 28:20) and I placed 5th out of more than 50 runners in my age group, but I didn’t feel good. That means that when I finished and was standing at the finish line in a not so great mood waiting on my roommate to finish the Half and cheering on the other finishers, I was starting to think negative thoughts. I started becoming resentful of the fact that I, once again, wasn’t getting to run the race that I wanted to run. I started hating the fact that I can’t recover from my leg injury as fast as I want to. The usualy thoughts started creeping up about how I am not good enough, fast enough, etc.

But then I remembered one of the goals I had set for myself earlier in the week: to see things in a positive light. I started looking around me and trying to see all of the positive things going on. As I started doing this, tears came to my eyes (I’m kind of a mega-girl when it comes to crying…). There were so many inspiring things happening. Because of this, I decided I would blog about a few of the things that make watching a race almost as good as running in one.

-Hearing the crowd roar as the first runner comes around the curve towards the finish line.

-Seeing the look of pure determination on someone’s face as the push towards that line.

-Someone who has enough energy to jump up and touch the finish banner as he crosses.

-Seeing the first woman, the first teenager, the first older person…because they are doing something that other people just aren’t doing.

-Watching three kids with their fun run tags on join their Dad for the last stretch just so that he has that last little push at the end.

-Looking around at all of the friends and family members there to cheer on their loved ones.

-Seeing a kid from a running group finish the race and then come back to stand and cheer on his peers.

-Knowing that one day, I will run that race and maybe someone out there will be inspired by me.

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