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When you lose yourself, you find the key to paradise

May 30, 2011

I am back from a really really good weekend.

I spend Thursday evening-today in Dallas visiting my best friend and her husband. I won’t bore you with every detail, but I did want to share some highlights.

First of all, the food…I know, as a Weight Watchers member, I shouldn’t be so food obsessive, but I love food. And I love eating out. We did a lot of good eating this weekend. I tried to make at least a few good choices, but I am a little worried about weigh-in this week. I know if it isn’t good though that I can get back on track. I don’t regret anything that I ate (or drank) while I was there.

The best part of being there was simply spending time with Katie and Josh. We could’ve just sat around all weekend and that would have been fine with me. But, along with eating out, we did some fun stuff, too. Katie and I got to spend some girl time shopping and getting pedicures, we spend a day at the pool, we played some Mad Gab, and saw Hangover 2. I even got one run in. I planned on doing two, but I will be happy with getting one in. We also went and saw a play at the Texas Theatre. Katie’s cousin is the writer/director of a play called Birthday Boys and it is getting really good reviews. It was in Dallas this weekend. This theater is a historic place. It is where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. After he was arrested there, they shut down the theater. It has been reopened recently, but they show old movies there. This is the first play to be done there since it was reopened. The play was really good, too.

While there this weekend, I did a lot of thinking. I thought about whether or not I could live in Dallas. It is one of the places I am applying. There are so many pros and cons to weigh. I am really close to my family and would hate adding several hours on to how far away I am from them. I already feel like I miss so much only being an hour away. This was emphasized this weekend by the fact that I missed two family get togethers while I was in Dallas. Even though I was having fun, I was really sad to have missed those. That would happen way more often if I moved away. I would also be moving further away from my friends. The friends that I have always lived close to. The friends who have always been there for me. And…while this may seem stupid to some people, I love Oklahoma, and I love living in Tulsa. I can’t picture myself a “Texan”. I kind of cringe when I say it. I am born and bred Oklahoman and proud of it.

The pros to living in Dallas are there, too. I would get to be closer to Katie. I have missed living close to her. She has wanted me to move down there for a while. Salaries are a lot better in Dallas. Teachers get paid 10,000 a year more starting out than they do in Oklahoma. While I’m not really looking to teach anymore, I haven’t ruled it out completely, and I could use extra money to pay off debts and start saving money. Another thing is that I love Dallas. Driving around this weekend, I could picture myself living there. It is a lot bigger, but that is exciting to me. Sometimes I do just want to get away from where I am and start over…whether it is Dallas or somewhere else. While I am very much a person who loves the comfortable and consistent, sometimes I long for change.

Random Information from the weekend–I caught a lot of 11:11’s and made a lot of wishes this weekend. I love 11:11 wishes and I saw at least 4 this weekend, unintentionally. Crazy. I’m not going to say what my wishes were though, because then they won’t come true. 🙂

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