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I got sun on my face and the rain, it ain’t ever gonna fall

June 9, 2011

My first week of summer vacation is almost over.

I have really enjoyed my first week of summer vacation. Having a summer break is something I will miss if I stop teaching.

I have managed to stay pretty busy, though.

Monday I got a 4 mile treadmill (blech) run in early because I had things to do. One thing about being and early riser is that I can always manage to get my runs done. After my run, I went and got a massage using a gift certificate I’d gotten during Teacher Appreciation week. It was at a chiropractor’s office and during his initial exam he said he thinks my spine is curved a little bit, but he’d need to do x-rays to know for sure. He said since it isn’t really bothering me and I’m finished growing, I shouldn’t be too concerned. I actually have a LivingSocial to a different chiropractor for a consultation and massage that I bought a few months ago with the intention of using after I started Half-Marathon training. I may go ahead and use it in a few weeks and have them x-ray my spine. Might as well. After my massage I did a little shopping (Old Navy, PetCo, and Wal-Mart) and ran by the library to pick up some summer reading. I even managed to get a little relaxing in on Monday.

Tuesday I got up and took my dog to the Groomer’s on my way to a breakfast pool party. I was part of a pilot program at my school this year and we had this party to celebrate finishing it and to talk about the results. After leaving there and picking up the dog from the groomers (where I decided I like him better with long shaggy hair), I rushed home and got ready for a job interview at Macy’s for a part-time summer job only to realize that my interview isn’t until next Tuesday. Instead, I went to the pool and laid out and started reading The Help. Tuesday night I tried a new Island Pineapple Chicken recipe. It was really good, and I portioned it out when I cooked it so that I wouldn’t be tempted to overeat.

Yesterday I got up early and picked a new trail to run on. I had no way of knowing how far I was running (I’m too broke to invest in a Garmin watch right now), so I just started running and when I felt like it, I turned around. I ran for about 40 minutes. It worked out perfectly because I got back in time to eat breakfast (Overnight Oats, yum!) and shower before my Target interview. I do terrible in interviews. I think it is my insecurity about myself shining through. They ended up offering me a job, though. I am just looking for a few hours this summer to help pay off credit card debt and help me save some money, so it will be nice to have that extra. After my interview, I came home and played some Wii , watched Netflix, and read the rest of the day. That makes me sound really lazy…lol. I am trying to enjoy the relaxation that summer is bringing me.

Today has been great. I got up and did some speed work on the treadmill. I went to an early Weight Watcher’s meeting today where I found out I’d lost 1.6 pounds this week. That means I am 4.2 pounds from my goal weight! It may just happen before my birthday. We’ll see. Being at home where I’ve been in control 24/7 has been helpful. I came home and rewarded myself with a strawberry-banana-pineapple smoothie and breakfast for lunch. I planned on making batter blaster pancakes, but after not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 failed attempts, I finally gave up and made scrambled egg beaters with turkey and reduced fat feta cheese. I’m gonna have to use the electric skillet to do the pancakes next time. I’ve never been good at doing pancakes on the stove. For being a fairly decent cook, pancakes have always challenged me a little bit.

Tonight two of my friends and I are going to see Pat Green. I am ready for a good concert!

Highs of this week–Great Running, Good Eating, Lots of Brothers and Sisters on Netflix, Results on the Scale

Lows of the week–Feeling down about being single, having to resist this pizza craving I’ve been having

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