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There’s so much time to figure out the rest of my life

June 29, 2011

I know I’ve mentioned before and you may have noticed that I use song lyrics as the titles for my blog entries. Usually I choose a song that is in my head or I’ll pull up my Zune collection on my computer and see if anything jumps out at me. Today, I decided to close my eyes and pick something. And I just happened to click on Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls. Kinda made me laugh. As someone who is single, and not so happily so, it’s funny that is the song that popped up today. Especially because I had been contemplating writing about my half a second though about re-signing up for Fortunately for me, I remembered why I didn’t like it so much before I paid the money to sign up for it again. Now I’m back to waiting for it to happen the natural way.

It was a little hard for me to get up this morning. I worked my first closing shift at Target last night and didn’t really get in bed and asleep until about midnight. So when that alarm went off at 6:30, I turned it off and rolled over. But, after about 15 seconds, I decided I would feel better if I got up and ran. I ran about 4 1/2 to 5 miles on one of the trails here in town. It was a good run. It wasn’t too hot, but it was pretty humid.

After showering and eating some awesome Overnight Oats w/crunchy peanut butter and a side of blackberries, I ran to Target and picked up Quicken and a few fruits to last me until I go grocery shopping Friday. I then came home and got all of my financial stuff laid out on Quicken. It depressed me a little to see just how little money I have left each month after bills. I have to add an extra loan payment starting this month with my Grad school loans, so that is just one more payment. I know I can make it work, but things are probably going to be tight. It just means I’m going to have less money to do the fun things that I like to do.

Speaking of…I love 4th of July. It is my second favorite Holiday (after Christmas). I love fireworks more than the average person.  I usually go out and buy fireworks, but I’m probably not going to this year. I just think if I’m really trying to save my money, it’s not a smart choice. It’s gonna be sad for me, but it’s a sacrifice I’m going to have to make.

I got a call today from the company I had interviewed with a few weeks ago and I didn’t get the job. She was very nice and said she loved talking to me and would love to find a place for me within the company and would be putting in a good word for me at another job I had applied for. It still isn’t ever fun to get a rejection call. I did hear some positive news about another job I had applied for, though, so I have a few leads out there. Hopefully one of them will work out for me.


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