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Don’t you know the world shines every time you smile

June 30, 2011

I am having a pretty awesome day!

After waking up early yesterday, I decided I would sleep in today, so I slept all the way to 8:30! Usually on Thursdays I do speed work, but I wasn’t feeling up to intervals today, so I just decided to do 2 miles at a fast pace on the treadmill. It went really well. I haven’t had any leg pain the last few days on my runs (knock on wood), which is really nice.

After lounging around for a few hours, I went in for my weekly Weight Watcher’s meeting. I lost 3 lbs. this week! I had taken some advice from the receptionist and started eating more this week since I have been working out more and it worked! I am now 2.6 from my goal weight!

At my meeting, I noticed someone across the room that I recognized. It was one of the teachers that I had interned under 5 years ago. I knew she didn’t recognize me, so I went up and talked to her after the meeting. When I started talking to her, she still didn’t recognize me. It took several minutes for her to remember who I was (turns out when you lose 145 pounds, you don’t really look the same). But when she did, we had a really good conversation. She actually said at one point, “I was worried about your weight when you worked with me, but didn’t know how to say it.” It’s funny how sensitive of a topic weight can be. I was really really overweight and it would have really hurt my feelings if she would have said something. It took me making the decision for myself in order for me to lose the weight.

After Weight Watchers, I went to a new restaurant I wanted to try, Cosi. I got an Adobe Lime Chicken Salad and it was really good. The Multigrain flatbread they served with it was really good, too. The best part, though? The iced coffee!

When I finished lunch, I ran by Fleet Feet and picked up my race packet for the Firecracker 5k on Monday and then headed home.

Since being home, I have been having an excellent conversation with my best friend from Dallas who I haven’t talked to in a while. It’s been nice catching up!

Other positives of today? Picked up two of my favorite freebie magazines when I was out-Oklahoma and OK Sports and Fitness. And when I got home I had a Glamour magazine in my mailbox! Good reading tonight!


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