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I need time to think this over, I’ve got to make up my own mind

July 6, 2011

Yesterday I started my morning with a 6.59 mile run. You what this means? I have officially met one of my July goals–getting back up to 10k distance. I should be prepared to run in the Bedlam 10K on the 30th. Mentally, this run wasn’t great for me. I kept doubting myself and talking myself down, but I pushed through. I am stubborn enough to ignore my self doubts most of the time.

Yesterday I also finished reading Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. I had read about 1/4 of it a few days before, but I couldn’t put it down. This book just spoke to me in so many ways. The writing was so good and it just pulled at my emotions. I recommend it to everyone! Of course, you should read her first book, Love Walked In first so that you understand the characters better. It isn’t necessarily a book series, but it has the same characters.


I finished off my night by watching a Cardinals win and going to bed way too early for a 25 year old. 🙂

Today I didn’t get my morning run in because I had to be at work early. After work I did manage a little bit of exercise on the stationary bike. I didn’t want to work my legs too hard because I plan on getting up and doing a long run again in the morning.

I’m thinking I may make it an early night again. Definitely not going to stay up and watch my Cardinals play like this for much longer. Plus, I’m in a weird mood tonight. I’m stressed about finances and the job hunt and the fact that I keep things to myself instead of telling people what I think just wears on me sometimes.

But guess what? My best friend is coming up from Dallas to see me this weekend! That should help the mood!








As I was looking for a picture of Katie and I together, I realized we have absolutely no good pictures together. We’ll have to work on that this weekend. This picture was last summer when I went to North Carolina for her wedding. We had been in the car for a few hours to forgive how rough my hair looks. 😉


Do you find it easy to tell people what you think or do you keep it to yourself?


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