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July 8, 2011

Last night my roommate took me to dinner to celebrate my accomplishment.

I decided it was a good night to splurge a little, and I’ve been craving Cajun food, so we went to Chicory and Chives. There aren’t many Cajun food places around here and this is the first one we’ve tried in Tulsa. It was so good! I’m sure it’s not as good as something you’d find in Louisiana, but for being a Cajun food restaurant in Oklahoma, it was really good. I got a sampler type of plate that had blackened catfish, jambalaya, gumbo, salad, and cornbread. It was so worth every point that it cost me. I want to go back again to try more of their Cajun food. I also want to go back and try their breakfast because it is supposed to be really good.

When we got home, I got to indulge in my favorite summer Guilty Pleasure:


It was amazing, as expected.


I decided to sleep in this morning. I made it to about 7:30.

In an effort to try a new recipe at least once a week, I had searched for a good breakfast recipe to try this morning. I found the Oatterific Banana Scramble from Ashley via Clare at Fitting it All In. Yeah…that’s usually how my blog searches go. I click on one, which leads me to click on another, which leads me to click on another. You get the picture. Anyways, back to the point. I made the Oatterific Banana Scramble this morning. I was surprised by how big it ended up being. I can be a quantity person, so I was happy to see it wasn’t a tiny little patty. I had a little bit of trouble flipping it, but the beauty of it is that it molded right back together. I put it on 2 slices of Sara Lee 45 Calorie Bread, which meant it was a 6 points plus breakfast. The best part? It was filling. A lot of times I finish breakfast and I’m still hungry, but not with this. I felt completely satisfied. And I didn’t end up getting to eat again until after 1:30, and it kept me satisfied until then.

While I was marveling over my amazing breakfast and watching the news, I got a call from Target (where I work part-time). They needed someone to come in today. I had originally planned on being off today because my best friend, Katie, was coming up from Dallas to see me for the weekend. Unfortunately, she found out yesterday that her grandfather is having some health problems and her Dad is flying in from Virginia, so she can’t come up. So, I took advantage of the opportunity to make a little extra money and went in to work today. We were really busy all day, so it went by pretty fast. It also left me really tired.

My roommate is going out of town this weekend along with some of my other friends for a Bachelor weekend (my cousin, who is also one of my best friends gets married next Saturday!). So I have the apartment to myself this weekend. I rented a girl movie to watch tonight and I plan on relaxing. I’m going to get up and do a 5 mile race in the morning. Wish me luck!

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

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