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I just wanna free fall for a while

July 9, 2011

This morning I did a Poker Run.

For those of you who have never done a poker run, you basically run a certain distance and you get cards at specific points throughout your run. At the end, you use your 5 cards to form a Poker Hand. They then start with the best hand and let them choose from prizes and then go down the line.

Our run was 5 miles. I felt good. I’ve been running 6+ miles 3-4 times a week, but I definitely pushed myself faster on this run than I usually do during the week. It wasn’t timed, so I don’t know what my time was, but I could tell I ran it faster.

When I got finished and looked at my cards, I had 5,6,7,8,K. So close to a Straight, yet I ended up with nothing. The prize tables were really good. They were full of tech shirts and jackets, socks, water bottles, race entries, sunglasses, etc. By the time my measly hand got to go, though, there wasn’t much left. I ended up choosing a hand-drawn picture from the Tulsa Run last year. That run was my favorite one so far, so I am okay with that prize. Sure, I would’ve loved to have gotten a better prize, but the whole point is that I donated 5 dollars towards free marathon and half marathon training programs and got to enjoy a run this morning.

I also made it to Hobby Lobby this morning to pick up a framed cork board I’ve been wanting. It was on sale 50% off which brought it down to 20 dollars, but the back of it was loose because the holes are stripped, so I talked them into giving me more off. I got it for 13 dollars. Using a gift card I had, I didn’t have to spend any of my money.

Have you ever done any interesting runs?


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