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My favorite color is neon, the light they always leave on

July 14, 2011

Sometimes when life knocks you down, you fight back.

And then sometimes it keeps kicking you.

So you just give in.

Just for a day.

I have been in a mood all week. But then yesterday, I decided I was going to fight against it and make myself in a better mood. It worked most of the day, but then halfway through work I started not feeling very good. Thank you body. Way to kick a girl when she’s down. So, when I got off work I came home and crawled into bed knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to get up and run this morning.

And then comes today. Yeah…quite a bit of pain going on. Went to work and struggled through it. Went to weight watchers where I had gained this week. I have 5 weeks to get back down within my 4 pound weight range. If I would’ve been able to run today, I would’ve been there. I wanted to come home and order pizza because that is one of my go to foods when I am not feeling good. Instead I ran by the grocery store and bought healthy pizza fixings and came home and made a pizza (using a muffin pan because I didn’t have a pizza pan..planning fail). I ate way too much of it, but it was still a healthier option than Pizza Hut. I did do too much snacking tonight though. That comes with me being an emotional eater. I have control over it most of the time, but tonight has been a struggle.

I’m about 80% sure I won’t be running again tomorrow. I can’t do it unless I feel up to it. It’s frustrating though.

On a good note, I plan on grocery shopping either after work tomorrow or Saturday morning. And I love grocery shopping. I’m actually going to look at my coupons and finish my shopping list tonight.

On another good note, my cousin is getting married this weekend! I am so happy for him. I’m sure I’ll write more about that later though.

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