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July Goals

August 1, 2011

At the beginning of July I made a few goals I wanted to try to reach in August. I just wanted to touch base with them and see how it went.

1. Start Half Marathon training.

This didn’t officially happen in July. I had my weeks off, but it has been officially started. 🙂
2. Try at least one new recipe a week.

I tried several new recipes this month, and I’m pretty sure it turned out to being about one a week. Some were successful (Green Monster, Oatteriffic Banana Scramble, and a new squash recipe) and some were not successful (Tofu Shiratake noodles). I really liked doing this. I really want to continue branching out and trying foods I’ve never tried and cooking new recipes.
3. Celebrate my birthday in style.

I had a really good birthday. I spent the night before my birthday celebrating with Thai Buffet and a Chris Young concert and then on my birthday I got to see all of my family and enjoy my mom’s homemade enchiladas, homemade ice cream, and red velvet cake.

4. Try bike riding.

Totally failed on this one. Not to make excuses, but it’s just so hot. And I’d rather be running. I’ll save bike riding for later.
5. Hit my goal weight on Weight Watchers (2.6 pounds away!)

I did it!! One of my best moments of July!


6. Get my running distance up to at least 10k

I didn’t realize when I made this goal that I was already practically at 10k. And I completed a 10k race last weekend.
7. Try to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

I can’t say if I did this. All that I can say is that I hope I did.


August goals to come soon.


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