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August 30, 2011








I went for a run this morning after taking two days off. One was a schedule rest day and one was an extra rest day because of some quad pain I have been having. The run was good. I did 3 miles. I tried to take it slow and easy. After I was finished, I felt some pain in my leg again though. Not nearly as much as after Saturday’s long run, but a little bit.

Now I’m met with the dilemma of whether to take some more time off or to just go ahead and do tomorrow’s run and see how it feels.

My motto has always been “pain is only temporary”. This got me through a dental procedure a few years ago where I wasn’t fully numb. It gets me through my eyebrow waxing every single time (ladies…why do we go through pain to look good?). It is usually my motto when I am feeling any sort of pain on a run.


I am training for a Half Marathon. My Half Marathon plans were derailed last spring because of an ITB injury. Do I want to risk injuring myself further and making it where I can’t do the Half?

I don’t want to mess up my training schedule, but I don’t want to hurt myself further.

What would you do?








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