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Loyal and True

September 19, 2011

I got to spend Saturday night doing one of my favorite things.

Watching Cowboy football. And not only watching Cowboy football, but watching them from these seats.









That would be 50-yard-line, 7th row.












My sister, Danielle, My cousin, Adam, and My Roommate Joel.










Me and my sister.

We got there, took our seats, watched the TU band perform.









And prepped for kickoff.

And then.











They came over the speakers and said that severe weather was moving into the area and they were asking everyone to take cover.

We decided we were going to wait it out.

See our annoyed faces?










Then it started raining and we decided maybe we shouldn’t wait it out.












Crammed together with several strangers under the stadium.

For three hours.

A three hour rain delay on a game that wasn’t even supposed to start until 9:00PM.

Good times. Especially for someone who usually goes to bed by 10:00.

After much rumor spreading about whether or not the game was actually going to happen, the lightning stopped and we waited 30 minutes (as per NCAA rules) for the players to re-take the field.










Go Pokes!

I snapped quite a few pictures.









My boy, Quinn Sharp, warming up.










QB Brandon Weeden









Look, we have 3 points before the game actually starts! They actually stayed on the scoreboard for several minutes into the first quarter before they took them off. Fail.










Kickoff. Finally!

And we pretty much dominated.










Giant Pistol Pete flag!

By the end of the game, there was hardly anyone there. It was also almost 4:00 in the morning. But of those who were there, the majority were Oklahoma State fans. At an away game, even in state, that’s pretty impressive.

I bet Coach Gundy was happy.










We won!










And my favorite thing after we win…the players come over and sing the Alma Mater with the fans.










Proud and Immortal

Bright Shines Your Name

Oklahoma State, we herald you fame

Ever you’ll find us, loyal and true

To our Alma Mater



It was definitely a night to remember.


Do you like sports?

Ever attended any memorable sporting events?


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