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Running for a Cause

October 7, 2011

Last spring I planned on running the OKC Memorial Half Marathon. It was going to be my first Half Marathon and I was really excited about it. I was planning on starting training during the winter. Then, on a basic treadmill run, I started feeling pain in my leg. This pain got worse and it led to several doctors visits, x-rays, a diagnosis of ITB syndrome and Physical Therapy. It also ruined my plans of running the Half Marathon. Instead, I went and ran the 5K while my roommate and my cousin ran the Half. At that moment, I decided I was going to train to run the Half this fall in Tulsa. And I am getting so close to getting there.

During my training for the Half, I have felt a strong desire to continue training once I run this race with the intention of running the Full Marathon at the OKC Memorial in April. I am going to wait until after I run the Half to register, but I am about 97% sure that I am going to do it. If not, I will definitely be running the Half.


That’s not the point of this post though.

The point is that this race is important. It is important to Oklahomans. And it is important to Americans. People often talk about remembering where they were when the terrorist attacks of September 11th happened. I do as well. With vivid detail, I remember. I was in high school at the time. But I also remember where I was on April 19, 1995. I was only in the 4th grade at the time, but I remember. I remember specific words that came out of my mouth that day. When an act of terrorism hits so close to home, you don’t forget.

This run benefits the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. You can learn more about the run here in case you live close are are interested in participating.

I have decided to not only participate in the race this year, but also to fund raise for it. I have never run a raise as a fundraiser, so this is going to be a first for me. And I love that it is for this cause. I am specifically designating my money to be spent on Education. The race isn’t until next April, so I’m sure I will mention it several more times before then, but if you have any spare money and would like to donate, please click my fundraising page. If you don’t, please spread the word. Thanks!


Here’s the link again.

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