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Happy Sunday

October 9, 2011

This morning, as I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock, I realized I had forgotten to turn it on last night. I was 10 minutes past when I planned on getting up. I could have easily rolled back over and gone back to sleep. It was been a long (but good) week and I am tired.

But I love Sunday mornings. I love getting up and starting my week off the right way.

For me, this means getting up and going to church.

I have tried a new church the past few weeks and I have really enjoyed it. I’m thinking it’s going to be my new church home.

The preacher has been preaching from Phillipians the past few weeks and this week was really about giving God control of things in your life, but not just sitting back and doing nothing. I loved that. We can’t expect God to work for us if we’re not working for ourselves. He actually used one of my favorite quotes in his sermon; “fake it till you make it”. I say that so often, and I truly believe it. When times are tough, we sometimes just have to “fake” our way through them and put our trust and confidence in God.

In the end it all works out.


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