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Back on Track

November 10, 2011

This weekend, after running my long run (13 miles!), I kind of let myself go a little crazy eating. I was just so hungry, and I let myself justify eating badly because I had run so far. And while I know it’s okay to eat a little extra after running that much, I really let it excuse too much.

Then, instead of getting back on track Sunday, I didn’t exactly eat well still. Not as bad as Saturday, but not great.

So Monday I got back on track. Being on Weight Watchers for so long has taught me that even when you have those rough weekends, it is important to get right back in there and start making good choices again. And to start writing down what you are eating again. Because yes, I had a piece of cheesecake on Tuesday, but I wrote it down and calculated the points.

And the scale has shown it. I was up quite a bit on Monday, and I have dropped back down to almost my goal weight again within just a few days.

Now that I am starting the training process of working for Weight Watchers, I need to try to have fewer of those weekends where I completely go off track. I can’t be a good leader an role model if I’m not living the program the way it is supposed to be lived.

Speaking of Weight Watchers training, I got confirmed for BLS leader training. I will be going to Chicago on December 2-4. I have never been to Chicago, so I’m excited! Plus, I am really looking forward to learning more about how to be a good Leader.

I’m ready for this new journey I’m about to start.

How do you get back on track when you’ve had a bad weekend?


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