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Thelma and Louise

December 6, 2011

Resound 11

December 06- Thelma and Louise

Who is the Thelma to your Louise? Who is your partner in crime? Did you reacquaint yourself with an old friend? Did you make a new friend? Or, perhaps, you are a lone ranger?

Take some time today to look back on how you spent your year and give a shout out to anyone that helped to make it special. If you don’t have any close friends that fit the bill, think about who you spend your time with on a regular basis, who is the bright spot in your day? Maybe you joke around with a coworker just to get through the day. Maybe the barista who serves your coffee knows your order by heart and/or knows when to suggest you mix it up. Who makes your life just a little bit better just by being themselves?

How will you resound?


I have a few really close friends who could probably fit into this description. There are times when I’m sure they are all the Thelma to my Louise, but when it really comes down to it, there is only one true answer to that question.

It’s my sisters. The three of us were always pretty close growing up, and I like to think we’ve gotten closer as we’ve grown. We are very different from each other, but when we get together, we just fit. There are always sure to be laughs, and sometimes tears. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else.

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