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Take a Break

January 24, 2012

I love my job.

I love it for many reasons. The biggest reason is because I get to form amazing relationships with kids and their families and really make a difference.

This week I love my job for a whole other reason, however. Because I don’t get summers off at this school, I work 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off. This is the beginning of my 2 weeks off. While I hate not knowing what is going on in my classroom I enjoy the break when it comes up. And I will enjoy it, because if I end up getting the promotion I apply for in a few months, I will go year round with no breaks.


The truth is though, I get a little bored when I’m on my breaks. I enjoy the fact that I get to sleep in a little bit and do my runs when I feel like it. And I like catching up on shows on Netflix and relaxing, but I get bored sitting around. I’m going to have to find some things to do to entertain myself.

Last week I got all of my runs in, including my long run while I was in Arkansas visiting some friends. I ran 14 miles on curvy hilly roads in the dark. Not really my smartest decision, but I got it done. My time wasn’t great, but I was so glad that I got up early while I was out of town and did it. It made the brownies I ate later a lot less guilt full, too.

This week’s runs have included a 5 mile and a 9 mile run. I have a 4 mile run Wednesday and a 4 mile run Friday and 13 miles on Saturday. I also plan on doing a Yoga class this afternoon with a friend and will be doing week 2 of the 200 situps challenge. What would I do without exercise in my life?



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