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Running Thoughts

February 4, 2012

As someone who runs without music, I wondered if I would start getting bored on my longer runs. During Half Marathon training, I did the majority of my long runs with my roommate, so there was talking. Or at least the option to talk. As I am getting deeper into Marathon training, however, I am doing a lot of the long runs on my own.

I did my longest run ever this morning. 15 miles!

I have to say, I have not missed having music. And I have not been bored yet.

I use my long runs as a time to really think about things. Here are some of my thoughts from this mornings run.

I am trying (and failing miserably) at fundraising for my Marathon this spring. My goals is only $100 and I am technically halfway there, but my sister is the sole donator. I know there are several reasons that are probably the cause of this. Money is tight for everyone, it is a cause that doesn’t really affect that many people, and honestly, I haven’t made a lot of effort. I have put it on my blog and my facebook, but not much else. The real thoughts that were going through my head though were that I have considered doing Team in Training in the future, but I know it requires fundraising. If I can’t even raise $100, would it be something I should do? I was also thinking of businesses I could possibly go to and ask for donations.

I go back to work next week. After two weeks off. I am so worried about how my kinds are going to be. I’ve heard they were not very good the past few weeks. So then I get to spend several days getting us back into a routine. This is the downside to working a track schedule. Not that it’s anyone’s fault. It just throws them out of their routine when one of the teachers is gone. It makes me wonder if I should consider the offer of giving up my track in exchange for more pay. This would mean hardly any vacation time though. Isn’t one of the perks of being a teacher supposed to be that you get a lot of vacation time?

I probably thought of 10 different scenarios of how I should disperse my tax money when it comes (amongst bills, savings account, etc.). Unfortunately, no fun money for me.

I’m pretty sure I cursed the existence of hills a few times. And then when I got to the top, decided I loved them.

I also spent a substantial amount of time thinking about the Marathon.

My mind is pretty much constantly going when I am running. Who needs music when you have that playlist going through your head?

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