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Saturday Thoughts

April 7, 2012

1. I ran 20 miles this morning. I did 8 min. run/1 min. walk with a few additional walk breaks the last 2 miles. I still finished in 3:21:30. And I don’t feel disappointed that I had to walk. I thought I would feel like a failure by not being able to run all of the way through, but I don’t. It is my longest run to date, and I start my 3 week taper this week.  I will do long runs of 16 and 12 the next two weekends and then it’s the marathon.


2. I am excited and nervous about the marathon. We are getting a hotel the night before, so I have to make sure I pack everything I need. Anyone who has traveled for a marathon-do you have any packing/travel tips? Unfortunately, we probably aren’t going to get to shower afterwards. I guess I’ll take some kind of cleansing wipes to use because I’m sure we’ll go to lunch and then we have to drive home. Any tips for that also?

3. One more marathon related note. I am still fundraising for the Oklahoma City Memorial. I have raised $175, but would love to raise more before the race. For anyone who has been impacted by terrorism in any form, the OKC Memorial is an important educational experience. I strongly encourage you to stop by if you ever visit Oklahoma City. Here is my fundraising link. I would love it if you would donate if you have the money, or spread the word if you don’t.


4. I have been loving the weather lately. I can’t believe it was so warm (80’s) in March. The first week of April was almost perfect though.


5. My school was on lockdown yesterday all day. There were 5 drive by shootings early Friday morning within 5 miles of each other. And very close to the school. One was a few blocks away. As a result, we couldn’t take the kids outside all day, and all doors were locked. Kinda scary, but that’s what happens when you work in an area like that, I guess.

6. I am so happy with my life right now. I just celebrated 6 amazing months with my boyfriend. Both of my sisters are pregnant, so I’ll have new nieces or nephews soon. It is getting closer to the point where I will interview for my promotion. I have spent a lot of time with my friends and family lately. Loving life!

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