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Weight Loss Friday

July 20, 2012

Highest Weight-293.6

Lowest Weight-146

Re-Starting Weight (July 18)- 172

Today’s Weight-170.2

Loss of- 1.8


I will count these past few days as a success. I lost 1.8 pounds in two days. I know weight fluctuates, so a day to day weigh in isn’t really accurate, but this starts the first of my weekly weigh ins.


Successes the past two days:

I have been paying more attention to portion size (I even ate 1/2 cup of ice cream instead of a full cup because I knew it would satisfy that craving).

I have been trying to grab fruit when I am hungry instead of a lot of the other choices that I know aren’t good for me.

I tried a new dinner last night (zucchini pizzas-pizza sauce and shredded cheese baked on zucchini slices).











I haven’t been doing as much mindless snacking.


Challenges the past two days:

I have been hungry the past few days. I am not one to deny my hunger, so I have been grabbing fruit, but I know my body has gotten used to eating way more than it needs to, so this has been a tough adjustment.

I haven’t decided for sure how I’m tracking my food. Wednesday I did it using Weight Watchers points. At points I felt like I was depriving myself and getting frustrated trying to stay within my 26PP however. Yesterday, I just wrote it down. This may be the best method for me now. Loosely following Weight Watchers points because I always think about them, but not getting too frustrated if I eat more than my daily points.

Working out-I took Wednesday off, but tried to go run yesterday. I got all prepped and pumped up. I even wanted to run outside in the heat, so I went. As soon as I started, however, I felt weak. I drank my whole water bottle before I was a 1/2 mile in. I was feeling knee weakness (no pain, just felt like it was going to give out). And I started feeling super hungry and shaking. I think my blood sugar had dropped too low and I hadn’t properly hydrated before the run. I only lasted a mile. And when I got back in, it took me about an hour for my hands to stop shaking.









This week is going to be challenging. I’m having a birthday dinner on Saturday and then my actual birthday is Tuesday. I am hoping I can at least maintain this week. My plan is to indulge a little on those two days and try to stick with my plans the rest of the week.

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