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Friday Weigh In

August 3, 2012

Highest Weight-293.6

Lowest Weight-146

ReStarting Weight-172

Last Week’s Weight-170.2

This Week’s Weight-169.4


It’s a loss! Honestly, I was a little nervous about weighing in this week, even though I tweeted this yesterday.

Lisa Gleason@GoPokes724

Also, really proud of my eating choices this week. Even if the scale doesn’t reflect it tomorrow, I know I have done good.


Successes this Week:

-I have been packing my lunch and snacks this week at my new job, which has allowed me to eat much healthier throughout the day.

-When cooking for my boyfriend this week, I planned ahead and cooked a healthy meal for us.

-Exercise has been going well.

Challenges this week

-The water at work is gross, so I haven’t been drinking as much. I plan on going and getting a jug of water that I can refill and take to work with me.

-I have a kidney infection, so I have been drinking some of my calories in the form of cranberry juice.

-Last Friday, they had a pot luck at work for me since it was my last day. I indulged a little (not as much as I would have before though) and had a piece of cake.

-Last night it was our Relay for Life wrap up party at Spaghetti Warehouse, which meant a big pasta meal the day before my weigh in.


This Week-

I want to continue packing my lunches every day and trying to cook healthy meals at night. I am also challenging myself to not splurge on any desserts this week. For one week, I want to make sure any snacking is healthy.

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