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Weigh In Friday

August 10, 2012

Highest Weight-293.6

Lowest Weight-146

Restarting Weight- 172

Last Week’s Weight-169.4

This Week’s Weight-169.4

Loss- 0


I was dreading this week’s weigh in. Dreading it to the point where I had trouble sleeping last night. That is frustrating to me for many reasons. 1-I need my sleep and I don’t need another reason to have trouble. 2-I told myself I wasn’t going to be obsessed with the number on the scale again. 3-I really didn’t have any reason to worry because I didn’t gain.

Here’s the thing. I had a few obstacles this week. I did really well over the weekend, when I usually struggle, but then Tuesday and Wednesday my company had lunch and dessert catered in for a training we were doing. And I didn’t resist. I was emotionally exhausted on Tuesday because I had spent Monday evening in the ER with my dad and was going off of little sleep. While I didn’t eat terribly, it was definitely not in my plan. Also not in my plan was eating out (Italian again) the day before weigh in. But, when a friend suggested we go out (my boyfriend and her husband hadn’t met yet), I agreed. And it was good. So I don’t regret it.

But that doesn’t really make you really excited for weighing in. I just have to chalk it up to being an uncharacteristic week and move on. I have challenges this week, too, but I will get through them. The hardest thing is not getting frustrated by how slow the weight loss is right now. I refuse to stop living and enjoying my life just so the number on the scale will go down.

Now, if my jeans would fit a little looser again, that would be nice…


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