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Back At It

November 7, 2013
I took a hiatus from blogging at the beginning of this year. There were many reasons why I decided to do so, however, I have been itching to blog again for a while now. Before I get back into it though, I really want to weigh why I stopped in the first place and why I want to start again. So prepare yourselves for an extremely boring return post. I promise there is more exciting stuff ahead (a return to running, a promotion, an engagement, wedding planning)!
Reasons I stopped bloggingand reasons I want to start again:
1) I wasn’t very good at it–now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to insult myself, but when I compared myself to other blogs out there that were successful and that I enjoyed reading, I was definitely lacking. My posts sometimes rambled. I would go days without updating. My pictures were sporadic and not very good. I often lacked focus.
I’m not going to come out here and say that I am suddenly going to be good at blogging, because that’s not true. But the truth is that I enjoy writing. I enjoy telling my story, even if it is sometimes boring. I enjoy having a place to share my opinions. So I’m not going to focus on how “good” of a blogger I am. I am just going to write.
2) I don’t ever use the computer anymore- I got an IPad in February which became a replacement for my laptop. While I still have my laptop, it is old and worn down and doesn’t work very good and I rarely get on it any more. This makes blogging a little hard because I’m not a good IPad typer. The thought of typing up a whole blog post on my IPad does not sound appealing to me at all.
This is probably going to be my biggest challenge. But because I’m not going to focus on how often I post–just when I feel the urge to, I can make it work. We have a desktop computer that I can type on…even if it is older and may not be the best. I also can go in early to work to use the computer there. It can be done!
3) I worried about what people thought of me-This is the reason I never linked my blog to my facebook. I share it on Twitter, but I also limit who I follow on twitter more than on facebook. I would worry about people judging me or knowing too much about me or numerous other things.
I’m sure this isn’t going to change completely. I will still worry. I will still probably not link to Facebook. It’s something that I don’t feel will stop me from blogging though.
So that’s it. Nothing too dramatic. Just me putting it all out there and deciding where I want to go from here. I’m still not sure exactly what category this blog is going to fall into–Running? Wedding Planning? Maybe just Life.
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