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Five Things Friday

November 15, 2013

Clare, over at Fitting It all In has been doing Five Things Friday posts for a while now and I have always loved reading them. So when she suggested doing a Five Things Friday link up, I knew I was in. I’m not sure if mine will look the same each week or if it will be different, but for now, here is my Five Things Friday post. PS-Sorry for no pictures. I was in a hurry!

Five random things going on in my life right now:

I found my wedding dress! I’ll dedicate a post to that process later, but let me just say how happy I am to have found it!

I have been craving frozen yogurt, frozen custard, or ice cream in any form for over a week now. I’m giving in this weekend and getting some.

I got tagged to do 12 random things about myself on Facebook, but I couldn’t come up with 12, so I just gave up.

Since stopping weight watchers a few weeks ago, I have only weighed once and don’t have plans to weigh again anytime soon. I know I need to, but I have zero desire to right now.

I’m supposed to do engagement pictures this weekend, but there is a 50% chance of rain, so I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to postpone them, which makes me sad.

Five links I loved this week:

Five current obsessions:

Drink- Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes: I got a gift card to Starbucks last week and have gotten this twice. I opted for it over the (way higher calorie) pumpkin spice latte. It’s not quite as good, but I’m digging it.

Song- Carrie Underwood-Some Hearts- It’s an older song, but one that really hit home after Tim and I first started dating. I’ve been listening to it at least once a day lately.

Food- Pei Wei- I had never had Pei Wei until a few weeks ago, but they opened one across the street from us and now I’m hooked. Chicken Fried Rice!!

Guilty Pleasure- Candy Crush Saga- Okay…this has been my guilty pleasure for a while now, but I had been stuck on a level for over a month and was getting bored, but I finally passed it. Obsession back in full force now.

Clothes-Winter Pajama pants-It’s finally cold in Oklahoma so I’m living in my winter/Christmas pajama pants when I get home from work every day!


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  1. November 15, 2013 11:28 am

    SO Glad you linked up!! Can’t wait to go read some of those links!

  2. November 15, 2013 6:08 pm

    I also have been craving ice cream lately! I haven’t given in to it yet, but I will at the end of the month for my birthday. I love Cold Stone so I try to limit it as much as possible!

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