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Wedding: The Venue (part three)

November 25, 2013

Part One
Part Two

After touring the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and the Glenpool Conference Center, I knew that one was clearly sticking out as the better option for us, and I knew that Tim felt the same way. The Glenpool Conference center was what we were looking for. I texted my family and a few friends asking what they thought about an October wedding. I got mixed responses. My best friend, Katie, said she loved the idea of a fall wedding. My mom and my sisters had a few questions. They knew how much I wanted to get married earlier, so I think they were a little resistant at first, but once I explained how much we liked it and that that was the earliest availability, I think they were definitely on board.

We went home a did a little number crunching, and even with adding on table and chair rental, it was still a really good deal. Plus, the first availably October date was October 18th. This would be a year to the date of our engagement, so it had to be fate, right?

I was careful not to get my hopes up, but I really wanted that date. Monday morning I tried to call as soon as they were open, but got no answer. Unfortunately, I had to go into a meeting, so I was just crossing my fingers that it would still be available when I got out of the meeting (I’m a little paranoid). I have a pretty amazing fiancé though, because while I was in the meeting, he was able to get ahold of the person in charge and took care of making our reservations!

So, the wedding venue and date are set: October 18, 2014 at the Glenpool Conference Center.

photo 4

We have tentative plans to do the ceremony outside (with a back up plan in case of bad weather) and the reception inside in one of the exhibition rooms that opens to the foyer. I am really excited (and nervous) about making it all come together like I want it. We don’t plan on hiring a wedding coordinator, so I know I am going to be relying on my amazing family and friends to help things run smoothly.

It felt so good to get this decision made and off of our plates.

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