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Wedding: The Dress

December 18, 2013

It’s been a while since I did a wedding update, so I thought I’d write a short one here.

Warning: there won’t be any pictures. Tim knows I have a blog and I don’t know if he reads it or not, but I don’t want him to get spoiled on what my wedding dress looks like before the big day.

Right after we got engaged, I told everyone we were going to focus on getting the venue, but wouldn’t do much else before Christmas. I even told myself that I wasn’t going to think about looking at dresses until January or February. Then, while perusing Facebook one Friday, I saw that my sister had tagged me in a post about a big sale at a local bridal shop. On an impulse, I called them and asked a few questions (how long was the sale going to last, what sizes were available, etc.) and ended up making an appointment for that Saturday.

My mom and my sisters met me there and we started looking around. The first thing I noticed: there weren’t as many good sales as I was hoping for. But, determined to give it a shot, we walked around and picked out some to try on. I knew the style I wanted and the first dress that I put on fit that style. I loved it. I ended up trying on a few more dresses, but none stood out to me like that one. The problem was that it was a little over my budget. I wasn’t quite ready to commit to paying that much, so we ended up leaving. I did some research online and realized that dress was the same price pretty much everywhere, so I decided I would just try on dresses somewhere else.

My best friend, Katie, who lives in Dallas mentioned that she may be able to come up sometime and go with us, so we planned out a weekend and she made plans to come. We ended up going to David’s Bridal. I knew they would have a large selection and was optimistic I would find something similar to the dress I originally liked. The first dress I put on was really similar and I absolutely loved it. I remember my consultant asking me what I would rank it and I said, “I don’t want to say 10 because it’s the first one, but I really like it.” We tried on several more dresses, but I just kept coming back to that one. I was a little reluctant because my sister didn’t act like she completely loved it, but there was just a feeling inside of me that told me it was “THE DRESS”. I asked to put it on one more time and the decision was made. The best part is that it was much closer to my budget.

I wish I could share pictures, but you all will just have to wait and see!

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