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My Races

Racing has become a part of my life. I have a calendar on my computer full of races that I plan on doing. Nothing makes a Saturday better to me than waking up and participating in a run. Here are the races I have done and a short description of them.

7/4/2009-Fleet Feet Firecracker 5K, Tulsa-49:46

This was the first 5K I ever participated in. I did it because Weight Watchers was having its first annual “Walk It” challenge in which they challenged members to train for and walk a 5K. My friend, Joel, and I had been walking so we decided to do this race. We both walked in it, no running at all. Being around that atmosphere is what made me really determined to train to run in a 5K.

3/6/2010- In Like a Lion 5K, Stillwater- 35:35

You may notice the large gap of time between the race that I walked in and the first one I ran in. After starting Couch to 5K and making it about halfway through, I hurt my leg, so it was a while before I was up for running in a 5K. My original plan was to run in the Remember the Ten Run as my first one, but I got ready before then, so I did this run. It was in Stillwater, which was where I went to college. A few years prior to running this, I had done the 1 mile fun run (walk) at this very race.

3/13/2010- St. Patrick’s Day Run 5K, Tulsa- 36:11

This run was up and down Brookside in Tulsa. The main thing I remember about this run is the hill about halfway through the race. I love the Brookside area, so it was a fun run to go down.

3/27/2010- Wish Lemons Run 5K, Tulsa-31:58 (timing not right)

This run was a killer. I remember it being really windy on the day that we did it. It is also uphill for the end of the race. My time was really good for the race. There is no way the timing was right though. My friend and I both finished much better than we thought we should have.

4/3/2010-OSU Osteopathic Scrub Run 5K, Tulsa-33:49

I remember that this run was challenging, but it was one of my favorites. There is one point where you run across a bridge overlooking Tulsa traffic that I just won’t forget.

4/17/2010- Remember the Ten Run 5K, Stillwater-31:06

This run honors the 10 men who died the Oklahoma State plane crash. I still remember where I was the day I heard of the plane crash and for that reason, this run will always mean a lot to me. I absolutely loved this run. It was sprinkling/raining during the run, but that didn’t phase me. I felt really good about it. It runs around/through the OSU campus which is one of my favorite places to be.

5/15/2010-Aquarium Run 5K, Jenks-31:35

This is not one of my favorite courses, but there are parts of it that I enjoyed. Running behind the Riverwalk is nice. It is hard to come around the corner and see the Aquarium at the end, but still have a ways to go to reach the finish line.

7/3/2010-Fleet Feet Firecracker 5K, Tulsa-30:59

This run will always mean a lot to me. It is the one that the previous year I had walked in for the first time and this year my sisters walked/ran in it with me. I also came really close to running under 30 minutes, which was a goal I had been working towards.

8/7/2010-Route 66 Quarter Marathon, Tulsa- 1:16:42

I had been training for this run through a group at Fleet Feet in Tulsa. Despite that, it was a really tough run for me. It was miserably hot the day of the run. In fact, warning flags had been put up and firefighters had been brought out with spray hoses. I ended up having to walk several times, which I absolutely hated. I hate having to walk in a race. Despite that, I finished it.

9/25/2010-Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K-30:19

I loved being able to come out at support Breast Cancer awareness. All along the course they had cheerleaders from different schools cheering the runners on. It was a fast and flat course and I came so so close to breaking 30 minutes.

10/30/2010-Tulsa Run 15K, Tulsa- 1:39:10

My absolute favorite run so far! I trained for this one on my own using Hal Higdon’s 15K plan. The course ran through downtown Tulsa and several old neighborhoods. Despite the hill that came right at the end, I still loved this run and finished strong and I didn’t have to walk any of it.

3/12/2011-St. Patrick’s Day Run 5K-33:17

After an injury to my ITB after the Tulsa Run, this was my first 5K after starting to run again. I wasn’t supposed to run that far yet. I was still on running less than a mile at a time. I ended up running further than I should have during the race and only walking twice. Overall, I was proud of my time.

3/26/2011-Wish Lemons Run 5K, Tulsa- 31:10

I still wasn’t built back up to 5K yet. I only had to walk once when doing this run. I was extremely proud of my time for this run.

4/9/2011-Parkside By Your Side Run 5K, Tulsa-30:23

This was my first race where I ran the whole thing after coming back from my ITB injury. I was proud of the fact that my time was built back up to what it was before I hurt my leg. It was really hot that day and I didn’t love the course, however.

4/23/2011-OSU Osteopathic Scrub Run 5K, Tulsa-28:06

I came out and pushed myself really hard during this run. I was feeling strong and had been running well for a few weeks. When I came around the last corner and saw my time, I was extremely surprised and happy. I had finally broken 30 minutes!

5/1/2011-OKC Marathon Memorial 5K, OKC-Untimed

This run was hard for me. I had planned on doing this half marathon, but after my ITB injury, I wasn’t able to. It was raining the whole time, I was in a crappy mood, but I did it. I felt really good about myself once I finished.

5/6/2011-Cinco de Mayo Run 5K, Tulsa-29:34

This was my first evening run. Not only that, but I had eaten terribly during the day (Indian tacos with homemade fry bread…yum!). The run was miserable. My stomach was heavy and the whole first half was uphill. I was determined not to walk any and was pleasantly surprised to see my time under 30 minutes.

5/14/2011-Rooster Run 5K, Broken Arrow-27:49 (2nd in age group) 

My roommate/friend, Joel and I had been tossing around the idea of doing two races in one day and when we found a day we could do it, we signed up. This was the first of two races for this day. I decided I was going to push myself hard in this morning run and then take it easy in the evening run. I started off really fast and then was dying by the end. It resulted in a really good time, however.

5/14/2011-Full Moon Run 5K, Tulsa-27:54

I was going to take it easy in this race since I had done another race earlier in the day. I got caught up in the excitement of the run and jumped out really fast early (typical of my race style) and had nothing left at the end. I had a really good time, though.

5/21/2011-Aquarium Run 5K, Jenks-28:22

I didn’t love doing this race. I just wasn’t feeling it, and I didn’t love this course. Plus, I really wanted to be doing the Half Marathon. My time wasn’t great, but I was glad to have finished.

6/4/2011-Beggs Demon Summer Sizzle 5K, Beggs-Untimed

I looked forward to this run because it was in my hometown. It was at least in the high 80’s, maybe 90 when we were running and there was a killer hill. It was a hard run, but I was proud of my pacing throughout the run. I didn’t start off too fast and when others started slowing down at the end, I was able to keep a steady pace. It was kind of miserable to run in that heat though.

7/4/2011-Fleet Feet Firecracker 5K, Tulsa-27:54

This is my anniversary run :). 2 years from the first 5k that I walked in. It started at 7:30 and it was already about 80 degrees and humid, but I was happy with my time. I could tell that my endurance has improved within the past few months. Even though I started off strong, I didn’t feel completely worn out by the end of the run. I am not a huge fan of down and back courses, but this one didn’t bother me too much.

7/9/2011-Runner’s World 5 Mile Poker Run, Tulsa-Untimed

This run was at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. I had never done a run from here. It ran through some Tulsa neighborhoods. I really enjoyed the course. It was relatively flat with just a few rolling hills. Plus, I got to dream house shop while I was running. It was untimed, but I still tried to push myself. At 5 points throughout the run we were given cards. At the end of the run we made our cards into a poker hand and the cards with the best hands got to choose prizes first. My hand was 5,6,7,8,K, so I was one of the last ones to get to pick. I chose a Tulsa Run picture.

7/30/2011-Bedlam Run 10k, Tulsa- 1:02:52 (10 out of 21 in age group) PR

This run was miserable. It was a 5k course that you ran twice if you were doing the 10k. It was one of the hottest summer’s in Oklahoma and the heat was almost too much. I was proud of myself for being able to run the whole thing, and while I didn’t come in under and hour like I wanted, I was glad I finished the run.

9/17/2011-Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k, Tulsa- 26:44 PR

You can read my race recap here. It was a new course this year, which spanned downtown Tulsa. I ran fast and felt good!

10/15/11- Route 66 Quarter Marathon Double (Quarter Marathon + 5k), Tulsa- 1:33:00

Last year I did the Quarter Marathon, but because I was training for the Half Marathon, I decided to do the Double this year. I had horrible ankle pain the week leading up to this race, and probably shouldn’t have ran it. The first half mile or so was really painful, but I was able to push through the pain and it finally loosened up. I did a decent pace and was proud of myself for finishing this run.

11/20/11-Route 66 Half Marathon, Tulsa- 2:02:53 PR

You can read my full recap here. I am so proud of how I ran this race. I love the course and how it winds through downtown Tulsa and several neighborhoods. I ran way faster than I planned on and loved (almost) every minute of it.

4/29/12– Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, Oklahoma City- 4:57:10 PR

You can read my full recap here. This was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I am proud of myself for finishing, even though it was painful.

5/11/12-Rooster Days Run, Broken Arrow- 29:16- (6 out of 32 in age group)

I was completely miserable in this run and my time shows it. It was only a few weeks after my marathon and I was battling a hip/butt injury. I ran the first mile relatively fast, but then had to do a lot of walking.

7/21/12-Fat Guys Burger and Baseball Run, Tulsa-32:58

It’s been a long time since I’ve run a race this slow. I didn’t train as good as I should have, and it showed. As far as the course, it was a good one. Starting in front of the Fat Guys Burgers restaurant and weaving through downtown and the OSU-Tulsa campus and finishing at ONEOK field behind home plate. The main reason I wanted to do this race was because we got to finish on the field. It was well worth it.

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