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Five Things Friday

November 15, 2013

Clare, over at Fitting It all In has been doing Five Things Friday posts for a while now and I have always loved reading them. So when she suggested doing a Five Things Friday link up, I knew I was in. I’m not sure if mine will look the same each week or if it will be different, but for now, here is my Five Things Friday post. PS-Sorry for no pictures. I was in a hurry!

Five random things going on in my life right now:

I found my wedding dress! I’ll dedicate a post to that process later, but let me just say how happy I am to have found it!

I have been craving frozen yogurt, frozen custard, or ice cream in any form for over a week now. I’m giving in this weekend and getting some.

I got tagged to do 12 random things about myself on Facebook, but I couldn’t come up with 12, so I just gave up.

Since stopping weight watchers a few weeks ago, I have only weighed once and don’t have plans to weigh again anytime soon. I know I need to, but I have zero desire to right now.

I’m supposed to do engagement pictures this weekend, but there is a 50% chance of rain, so I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to postpone them, which makes me sad.

Five links I loved this week:

Five current obsessions:

Drink- Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes: I got a gift card to Starbucks last week and have gotten this twice. I opted for it over the (way higher calorie) pumpkin spice latte. It’s not quite as good, but I’m digging it.

Song- Carrie Underwood-Some Hearts- It’s an older song, but one that really hit home after Tim and I first started dating. I’ve been listening to it at least once a day lately.

Food- Pei Wei- I had never had Pei Wei until a few weeks ago, but they opened one across the street from us and now I’m hooked. Chicken Fried Rice!!

Guilty Pleasure- Candy Crush Saga- Okay…this has been my guilty pleasure for a while now, but I had been stuck on a level for over a month and was getting bored, but I finally passed it. Obsession back in full force now.

Clothes-Winter Pajama pants-It’s finally cold in Oklahoma so I’m living in my winter/Christmas pajama pants when I get home from work every day!


Way Too Much Television

November 14, 2013

Part of the fun of having a blog is that you can write about anything you feel like. I have been struggling with what identity I want this blog to have, but really, I just want to be able to write what I feel like writing about. With that being said, I am a big entertainment junkie. I love TV, music, books, etc., so every now and then I just feel like giving my opinion on some of these things. Today’s post is one of those posts.

I love TV. I get really excited when Fall TV starts up again after the summer drought (even though I have summer shows I love as well). I am constantly about a week behind on my DVR because I have so many shows I like to keep up with. Right now I want to talk about my top 5 shows that are on TV right now:

Parenthood-I was late to the game on Parenthood. I always thought it looked interesting, but I didn’t watch it when if first started. With the help of Netflix and a schedule that gave me two weeks off at a time as a teacher a few years ago, I started watching it. I was hooked from the first episode. Now that I am fully caught up on it, I watch it each week. I love the whole family aspect of it. It is funny and emotional and draws me in each week and makes me want to know where the Bravermans are going next. By far, it is my favorite show on TV right now.


Grey’s Anatomy- I’ve been a Grey’s fan since the beginning. I even stuck through it during the bad years (I mean, Ghost Denny…really?). I really think it is back in its prime again though. Each year new characters are introduces and woven into the already dynamic cast of characters and somehow it always works. I love the drama, the quirks, and the relationships that are documented.


Scandal-As someone who has never really been into politics (don’t judge) or political shows, I have somehow been drawn into this political world as depicted by Shonda Rhimes. The drama is undending, the actors and actresses and phenomenal, and I am constantly questioning who I should be pulling for.


The Blacklist- The one brand new show that made my list. My fiance’ likes to point out all of the unrealistic and unbelievable points of the show as we watch it each week, but that is part of what draws me in. I enjoy crime shows (white collar, burn notice, covert affairs, etc.) and this one is very reminiscent of those. Every week we follow as “Red” helps take down another high level criminal. And every week we learn a little bit more about the cast of characters. I often end the show even more confused than when I started it, but that’s okay with me.


How I Met Your Mother-I debated whether to include this show or not. While this season hasn’t been my favorite so far, I just couldn’t leave it off. I still laugh every week and am counting down to when Ted actually meets the mother. I will be so sad to see this show go after this season, even though I think it is the right time.


What are your favorite shows right now?

The Power of Positive Thinking

November 12, 2013

I try to keep my life as positive as possible. While there are times that I am definitely grumpy and negative, I generally try to live my life as positive as possible. Here are some techniques I use to help me accomplish this:


Reframe the negative:
Focusing on the negative things that are going on in our lives only encourage us to continue in that cycle. Probably one of the things that I am the most negative about is my constant struggle with my weight. After splurging for a weekend, it is easy to let myself start talking negatively about myself and the way I have eaten. Instead, I try to remember how much fun I had. So instead of saying “You ate horrible all weekend and you’re going to gain 5 lbs.”, I say, “You had fun and overindulged this weekend. This is a good opportunity to get refocused and back on track this week.”


Focus on the good things:
There are a lot of bad things that can happen to you. But there are also a lot of good things. On those days when I start feeling the negativity creep up, I try to remind myself of those good things. I have a loving family. I have a few really good friends who would do anything for me. I have someone who loves me and is always there for me. I am blessed with a job that I love and enjoy going to. I am in good health. I have a God who blesses me daily with all of these things and more. Just focusing on the positive things makes me feel so much better.


I credit most of my positivity to the fact that I have laughter in my life. It may not be easy to laugh when you are having a really bad day. I’m not saying that is something you can force yourself to do. But what I am saying is that if, in general, you laugh a lot and find humor in your day to day life, it will be harder for the negativity to consume your life.


October 18, 2013

November 11, 2013

So, the biggest thing that has gone on in my life lately is the fact that I just got engaged. So, what you’ve all been waiting for: The Engagement Story

Tim and I had been dating a little over two years and had talked about getting married, but he kept telling me that it was going to be a little while before it happened. As much as I (and everyone around me) wanted it to happen, I had decided to just relax and let it happen when it was supposed to.

We had made plans to go to Stillwater for OSU’s Homecoming Walkaround on Friday night, October 18. For all of you non-Pokes fans, this is where all of the Greek houses make elaborate decorations welcoming Alumni back to Stillwater and celebrating Homecoming weekend. Friday was cold and rainy all day and we knew it was going to be even colder in Stillwater, but we decided to go ahead and go.


One of our friends rode over to Stillwater with us where we met up with his wife, who is one of my best friends. We walked around the Greek houses enjoying the brisk, but luckily not rainy, weather. Walkaround was always one of my favorite parts about Homecoming in Stillwater and this was the first year that Tim and I got to experience it together.

image (3)

image (11)

image (7)

After Walkaround was finished, we decided to walk around campus. We said goodbye to our friends and took off towards campus. We walked, talking about our favorite places on campus and reliving some of our memories there. Tim kept saying, “I wish we would have known each other while we were here” to which I replied, “We met when we were supposed to meet”, which I really believe is true. We did a little shopping in the Student Union store and warmed up a little before heading back outside. We walked over by the library fountain and sat down for a while. I thought it was a little weird that we were sitting there for so long, but it didn’t really click that something special was about to happen.

image (15)

After a while, we stood up an Tim suggested we walk towards the Student Union. We walked over there and up onto the balcony overlooking campus. I don’t remember exactly what was said up there. I do remember commenting that I had never been up there before. The words that I do remember clearly is that Tim said again, “I wish we would have known each other while we were here” and then a few minutes later, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” as he got down on one knee. I remember that I was shaking and a few tears fell as I hugged him and said “yes” and then he put the ring on my finger.

I couldn’t stop smiling as we walked back to the car and as cold as my hands were, I couldn’t make myself put gloves back on to cover up my gorgeous ring. We tried hitting up one of our favorite local restaurants for dinner, but the wait was too long so we opted for Chili’s instead. This is where I let everyone know the big news!

image (13)

It was the perfect engagement. I am so glad that I was surprised and that he did it at a place that means so much to both of us. More importantly, I am so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with this man who I love more than anything in the world.

I love to run…most of the time

November 8, 2013

So now for the good stuff.

I have a few posts planned just to update what has gone on in my life the past several months. One of the biggest things going on is a (semi)triumphant return to my old running glory. Well, I’m not quite back there yet, but I’m getting there.

As most of you know, I ran my first Half Marathon in the Fall of 2011 at the Route 66 Marathon. Not only did I complete my first marathon, but I crushed my goal and ran it in 2:02. I jumped straight from the Half Marathon into Full Marathon training…and promptly got hurt. About halfway through my Marathon training, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to do a walk/run combo for the Full Marathon. As disappointing as that was, I followed through and completed my first Full Marathon at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in the spring of 2012. Even though I had scaled back, that Marathon was the last straw for my overworked, injured body and I had to take a break from running that summer. I had hip and back pain that literally made it hard to function in my day to day life. But I rested my body and let it heal.

After some time off, I was ready to get back to it and started training for my second Half Marathon. It was evident from the beginning that things weren’t going to go according to plan. I was struggling. As much as I hated it, I went back to doing walk/run intervals again and completed my second Half Marathon (much slower) in the Fall of 2012 at the Route 66 Marathon and then did my first out of state race at the Hot Chocolate 15k in Dallas in Winter 2013. I struggled throughout the spring and summer to even do 2-3 miles at a time without taking a walking break. But I was determined to get back to it and made a plan to get my mileage back up so that I could start training for a Half Marathon again.

Bedlam Run, Summer 2013

Bedlam Run, Summer 2013

Surprisingly, I have done just that. I have steadily built my mileage back up and am now 3 weeks away from doing my third Half Marathon. I am definitely not as fast as I used to be, but throughout this training I have gotten a little faster (from struggling to hit a 12:30-13:00 mile, I am now averaging 10:00-11:00 mile). No, it’s still not as fast as I’d like to be, but it is steady progress. Every run has not come easily (The worst being my 7 mile long run), but I did 10 miles a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it. And I know I’m going to finish this half marathon in a few weeks.


So, where do I go from here? I would love to do another Full Marathon, but I’m not going to rush it. After the Half, I will probably scale back for a few weeks and then pick up my mileage again. Maybe a full Marathon in a year or two is a possibility. I’d also love to do a distance relay or a triathlon, but no formal plans have been made for either of those either. For now, I’m just going to enjoy this love of running that has come back to me. And that will be enough.

Back At It

November 7, 2013
I took a hiatus from blogging at the beginning of this year. There were many reasons why I decided to do so, however, I have been itching to blog again for a while now. Before I get back into it though, I really want to weigh why I stopped in the first place and why I want to start again. So prepare yourselves for an extremely boring return post. I promise there is more exciting stuff ahead (a return to running, a promotion, an engagement, wedding planning)!
Reasons I stopped bloggingand reasons I want to start again:
1) I wasn’t very good at it–now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to insult myself, but when I compared myself to other blogs out there that were successful and that I enjoyed reading, I was definitely lacking. My posts sometimes rambled. I would go days without updating. My pictures were sporadic and not very good. I often lacked focus.
I’m not going to come out here and say that I am suddenly going to be good at blogging, because that’s not true. But the truth is that I enjoy writing. I enjoy telling my story, even if it is sometimes boring. I enjoy having a place to share my opinions. So I’m not going to focus on how “good” of a blogger I am. I am just going to write.
2) I don’t ever use the computer anymore- I got an IPad in February which became a replacement for my laptop. While I still have my laptop, it is old and worn down and doesn’t work very good and I rarely get on it any more. This makes blogging a little hard because I’m not a good IPad typer. The thought of typing up a whole blog post on my IPad does not sound appealing to me at all.
This is probably going to be my biggest challenge. But because I’m not going to focus on how often I post–just when I feel the urge to, I can make it work. We have a desktop computer that I can type on…even if it is older and may not be the best. I also can go in early to work to use the computer there. It can be done!
3) I worried about what people thought of me-This is the reason I never linked my blog to my facebook. I share it on Twitter, but I also limit who I follow on twitter more than on facebook. I would worry about people judging me or knowing too much about me or numerous other things.
I’m sure this isn’t going to change completely. I will still worry. I will still probably not link to Facebook. It’s something that I don’t feel will stop me from blogging though.
So that’s it. Nothing too dramatic. Just me putting it all out there and deciding where I want to go from here. I’m still not sure exactly what category this blog is going to fall into–Running? Wedding Planning? Maybe just Life.

I’m back

November 6, 2013

Or at least considering coming back. Stay Tuned.